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EnduroInGreece organises All Inclusive enduro expeditions in Greece since 2003.

Do you like off road motorcycle adventures?
Perhaps you enjoy traveling too.
Here, in EIG, we help you combine these activities. We create travel packages for groups of 5-7 persons, so that you can explore the beautiful greek landscapes riding on motorcycles.

Riding in the sandWhat You Get

Escape to the unspoiled countrysides and tranquil beaches of Greece. Enjoy unique delicacies and ouzo shots in small traditional tavernas. Ride on MX bikes through forest mud & beach sand, and meet Greece from another perspective.
Live your myth in Greece…an unforgettable riding experience.

Forest RidingLocation

EnduroInGreece resides in New Vrasna, Thessaloniki, 80km east of Thessaloniki’s international airport. The general Vrasna area is divided in two places. New Vrasna is a coastal city attracting thousands of tourists during the summer while Old Vrasna is a traditional village built in the slope of the nearby mountain, making the area ideal for visitors that want to experience both the gorgeous sea and the beautiful mountainous landscapes.
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Our BikesWhat We Offer

To cut a long story short, we offer everything you need so you can spend a perfect week, having fun and riding MX bikes in beautiful routes in Greece! Our package is All Inclusive. All you have to do is get your riding gear and your air tickets! Leave your wallet behind! We provide room, meals, bikes, a guide and even a minibus to get you from and to the airport.
We also have our own private motocross course track which is yours to use if you want!
To learn more about what exactly we provide navigate to the What We Offer page.

No obstacles!Are You Interested?

Are you and your friends interested in spending a wonderful week while enduro riding in Greece?
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